Elf Fancy Dress Outfits – 3 Suggestions For Christmas Elf Costumes This Year

Elf fancy dress outfits are the second most popular type of costume after Santa outfits over the festive period. There are a range of different styles of Christmas elf costumes available and they really are a great choice of outfit for parties and family gatherings over the Christmas holidays.

Such is the range of elf fancy dress outfits available nowadays, that there are even specialist websites online that review different types of Christmas elf costumes in order to try and take out some of the hassle of looking for an outfit that is right for you.

Below I take a look at three of the main types of elf fancy dress costumes that are available to you, depending on your character, sex, age group and on what type of party or event that you have been invited to.

Suggestion One: Classic Christmas Elf Costumes

The classic looking Christmas elf costume is usually based around a green and red tunic together with either a pair of green or red trousers. There are a number of different accessories that you can buy with your Christmas elf outfit, such as a green or green and red hat, with or without a bell, a pair of pixie or elf ears and of course a pair of green or red elf shoes or boots. These classic Christmas elf outfits are nearly always unisex and are a great costume for a family Christmas gathering or a festive themed party.

Suggestion Two: Sexy Elf Outfits

Apart from the colour scheme, sexy Elf costumes could not be more different than the classic Christmas elf outfits. The sexy elf outfit is usually based around a green mini dress and a pair of green and white striped knee-length stockings. A good accessory to buy with your sexy elf costume would be a pair of sexy green or red high-heeled boots. This of course is the perfect outfit for a confident young lady to wear to the office Christmas party.

Suggestion Three: Santa’s Little Helper Costumes

By far the cutest of the elf fancy dress outfits is the children’s Santa’s Little Helper costume. This is usually either based around a mini version of a Christmas elf costume or else around the type of outfit worn by the elves in Santa’s Workshop. Of course, there is no better time for your child to wear the Santa’s Little Helper outfit than on Christmas day, when he or she is given the job of fetching presents for each member of the family from underneath the tree.


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